Cruelty free make up favourites

I don’t tend to wear make up on a regular basis, but I do enjoy wearing make up now and again, and I love finding new products that are easy to wear and enhance my appearance (especially things that help my skin look more perfected – I’m quite fortunate with my skin but it definitely looks better with a bit of extra coverage!). I’ve been transitioning to cruelty free make up for the last couple of years and now almost all my products are cruelty free – my regularly used ones certainly are. Today I’m sharing my current make up favourites, in both video and blog format. You won’t find any bold colours in this review, but you will find excellent products for covering minor imperfections and boosting your natural appearance 🙂

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If you’d like to watch a video of me reviewing my favourites, it’s available below or you can watch on YouTube.

Pacifica Alight Multi-Mineral BB Cream*

I wasn’t sure about this product at first as I don’t really think it’s a BB cream (or not what I think of as a BB cream anyway!). I don’t find this adds any coverage which I found disappointing as that’s what I’d hoped for. However, once I started to think of it as more of a primer, it found a place in my routine. It’s definitely more of a skincare item than a make up item; it feels lovely to apply and really helps to smooth skin and prepare it for make up – or you can wear it on its own. It does have some slight shimmer so it helps add a little glow to the skin (nothing too glittery though!). If you’re looking for a nice primer that will smooth skin and add a bit of glow, this is definitely one for you! Read more about this product in my full review.

Mossa Skin Perfector BB Nude Tinting Moisturiser*

Another item that has skincare benefits, but this one also has coverage. I’ve only had this for a few weeks but I’ve been wearing it regularly and really enjoying it. It definitely helps to even skin tone, and adds a little coverage. It contains hyaluronic acid which helps to moisturise; I find my skin feels so smooth when I’m wearing this. Sometimes I wear it alone, and sometimes I add a little powder for extra coverage. This won’t cover up dark circles or blemishes, but it will tone things down a little. I love it!

RMS Beauty “un” cover-up*

I’m actually learning to embrace my dark circles – I’ve always had them and I look strange without them! – but I do sometimes like to disguise them a little. This product has fairly high coverage so it works well for covering imperfections. It doesn’t completely cover dark circles (you’d need a colour corrector as well) but it definitely disguises them and covers blemishes well. I do find it a little heavy so you only need a tiny amount and I find it beneficial to powder over the top. Read more about this product in my full review.

PHB Ethical Beauty Foundation Kabuki Set (Medium Olive)*

This mineral foundation was a standout discovery for me last year. I was wary a powder would make my skin more dry or accentuate dry patches, but this one really doesn’t. I have combination skin and this foundation is perfect for managing both dry and oily skin. I use the kabuki brush it came with which works beautifully for blending. It looks so natural; you can hardly tell I’m wearing make up. I find this foundation lasts well and it really does enhance the look of my skin. Can’t recommend it highly enough! PHB also do mini sizes to help you identify the right shade for you. Read more about this foundation in my full review.

Pacifica Blushious Coconut and Rose Infused Cheek Colour (Camellia)* (also available in Wild Rose *)

I hadn’t heard any reviews for this but I tend to like Pacifica products and the description of this as a natural blush to highlight complexion sold me. It’s definitely subtle – it adds just a tiny bit of colour and it’s difficult to add too much (which is good for me!). This isn’t anything dramatic but I find it gives a bit more dimension and glow without looking too ‘made up’.

Pixi Beauty Blush Duo in Honey Glow (from Pixi Hello Glow set)*

Another item that is more subtle than many highlighters, this blush duo came as part of a kit in one of my advent calendars. I’ve used it many times since then and really like the sheen it gives. It’s not too obvious or glittery, just a very subtle sheen which I find flattering. Another one that’s really easy to apply as it’s difficult to add too much (are you sensing a theme?!).

PHB Ethical Beauty Pressed Mineral Eyeshadow – Almond*

Due to my deep-set eyes and the fact I often wear glasses I don’t tend to wear eyeshadow as you can barely see it! I have however been occasionally using this which I got in a LoveLula Beauty Box last year. I just apply a tiny bit of this to the inner corner of my eye and it helps me look so much more awake. Some people also use this as a highlighter – a really versatile product.

PHB Ethical Beauty Black All-In-One Mascara*

I’ve reviewed this previously and find myself referring many people to it as I’m a huge fan. On my first wear it smudged slightly, though I now realise that was due to an oily base rather than the mascara. Since then I haven’t had any problems with smudging or flaking and it lasts all day. It even survives the gym! I love the fact it lengthens, defines, and volumises and the fact it can be used for a natural look or built up to a more dramatic look with more coats. Highly recommended!

Inika Vegan Lipstick – Naked Kiss*

Another item from one of the LoveLula Beauty Box, this lipstick was a surprising hit for me. It’s a metallic shade and looks quite dark in the bullet, but on my lips I don’t think it’s too much darker than my natural colour. It’s a very moisturising lipstick and keeps a sheen finish rather than drying matte. It’s not particularly long-lasting but as it’s so easy to reapply I don’t find that an issue. I’ve been particularly enjoying wearing this for the festive season and in winter when I sometimes like a bolder look. I’m wearing this in the video so you can what it looks like.

Pacifica Color Quench Lip Tint*

On an every day basis, I tend to wear lip balm rather than lipstick. The Pacifica Color Quench Lip Tints are a firm favourite and I have all five colours/scents. I like them all for different purposes but my current favourite is Gauva Berry. You can see all the colours (with photos of me wearing each) in my previous blog post review. I adore these so much – they’re easy to apply, incredibly moisturising, last well, and look great. Something I pretty much always have with me and a definite stand-out product I think anyone would like.

Glossier Balm Dotcom

A newer brand to me is Glossier, and although I haven’t loved all their products, I am really enjoying using the Balm Dotcom and always have one in my bag. I have the birthday one (smells like birthday cake, has small bits of glitter in) and the cherry one (red tinted, smells like cherry) and I love them both. They’re pretty thick in consistency and because of this I find they last well. They can be a little tricky to get out of the tube at first, and the tubes seems that they could split, so I’m not sure about the application methods but the product is amazing. You can also apparently use Balm Dotcom on dry skin elsewhere (e.g. cuticles) but because I have tinted ones I haven’t tried this. I have a review on some of the other Glossier items I’ve tried and this link gives you 10% off your first order*.

So that’s all my current cruelty free make up favourites. What are your current favourite make up items?

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